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Until a couple of months ago I had never heard of Thomas Sabo but after my parents got me this charm bracelet with these two charms as a 'Well done on your GCSES' present, I instantly fell in love with this brand. I haven't gotten round to adding any charms on myself but I thought of this as a perfect opportunity to create a little wishlist (though I would literally buy all the charms if I could!)
Beauty // Cross/Heart/Wing // Eternity // Fashion Queen
Globe // London Taxi // Love Music // N
They may not be the cheapest charms around with the prices ranging from £20 to £90 but the range of charms you can choose from is overwhelming - it took me over an hour to choose these!! - and I love that as it means you can make your bracelet more personal to you which for me is the purpose of a charm bracelet, having a piece of jewellery that reflects who you are. You have done well Thomas Sabo, very well ;)
How many of you guys have Thomas Sabo jewellery and what charms would you choose? :)

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