OOTD | Vampire Edition


Sorry for being absent the past few days, don't you just love it when scheduled posts don't actually post? (Y) Hopefully I'll get the hang of all this scheduled posts malarkey soon ;)
Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays of the year, it's like all of my favourite things rolled up into one night since I'm a lover of anything horror and dressing up related. This year I decided to go for the vampire look.
I went for the all black look to show the sinister side of vampires. I layered the cami top over the jumpsuit which I tend to do quite a lot with strapless items since I'm not the most bustiest person in the world so strapless things do tend to fall down - not good (N) I then finished it off with these statement chunky boots which I have been laaaaving recently since they go with pretty much any outfit. The best thing about this costume is it's so versatile so you could use it as a cat costume for example or wear it as a normal outfit if you wanted - with this you're not wasting money on something you'll never wear again so it's a win win situation ;)

Excuse the shockingly bad quality selfies, my phone camera never works well in bad lighting(really need to invest in a proper camera). For my eye make up I decided to go for a bold smokey eye effect which I think turned out pretty darn well considering it was my first attempt at a smokey eye EVER! I created this using The Body Shop 4 Step Smokey Eyes Palette (which I can't seem to find a link for.) I paired this with my newly purchased Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick in 30 (review coming soon my friends), my fangs and black nails and I was good to go.
I hope you enjoyed this look and you all had a good Halloween!! What did you guys dress up as?? :)

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